The history of TX. Barryt

founded in 1989 by guitar-player Mickie Muck  +++   first members of the berlin band were bass-player Rolf Fleischer, drummer Frank Matthes and singer Frank Zimmermann  +++   later bass and drums have been replaced by Arny Arndt and Tom #8 Petersen   +++  

first line up
first line up in 1990
Mickie Muck, Frank Zimmermann, Frank Matthes, Rolf Fleischer

various stage activities around europe  +++  after that, first contacts to record companies  +++   in 1993 first release of the cd "X's" in direct selling  +++  stage activities again   +++

second line up
second line up in 1993
Tom #8 Petersen, Arny Arndt, Mickie Muck, Frank Zimmermann

1994 - the band broke up due recording there second album  +++

2007 - after various projects of music, Mickie likes to do the hard rock again  +++  at the same time but not together, Arny and Mickie take notice about the present of the band in the world wide web  +++  the "X's"-cd has been auctioned for more than 300$.-  on ebay  +++  today this cd is a collectible  +++

Arny und Mickie took contact and reformed the band with two new members   +++  Andy Wackes/vocals and ex-Mind Odyssey drummer Volker Schultz complete the band  +++

line up 2007
line up 2007
Mickie, Arny, Volker and Andy
arrested in case of making too loud music

2008 - the tapes of the last recordings were releaesed on Rough Cat Records  +++  2009 the band played really fantastic live shows  +++   for 2010 the band will release new songs on a new album  +++  so watch out for more shark metal +++

live on stage